My first jacket part 2

Right, the page kept crashing when trying to finish off my jacket post, so after multiple attempts, I gave up and will finish it off in this separate post! I think it was the number of photos in the last post that did it…

So anyway, here are the photos of the final stage of the jacket construction:

The bagging method for the lining looks like one big hot mess whilst you are in the middle of it and you just have to cross your fingers and hope it all comes out correctly. As quite frankly at this point you are pretty sure it is going to be a bit of a disaster.

But as if by magic (and I did show it to the girls and Ben billed as a magic trick – I think I may have over sold it as they wondered where the rabbit was) you end up with a jacket. That actually looks like a jacket.

And fits like a jacket.

I am beyond chuffed with the fact that I made this. It isn’t perfect but it is a huge amount better than I thought my first jacket would be! I have plans to make this a couple more time in some different types of fabric and then when I really feel I have nailed the fit and construction, I plan to treat myself by buying a piece of beautiful Linton tweed, which is the company from the north of England that makes the tweed for Chanel…

Perhaps a little something like this?…

And on that note, à bientôt.

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