#MeMadeMay2018 – part 1

Along with most (all?!) of the sewing world, I have been taking part in Me Made May.

This lovely challenge, brainchild of So Zo What Do You Know, has you choose and make your own personal pledge about how you will focus on wearing your me made wardrobe over the course of the month. You can pledge to wear all me mades, or just once a week, or week days / weekends only etc. Whatever is achievable but still a challenge.

What most people take out of it is a chance to review what they have made, what they actually wear, what wardrobe gaps need to be filled and so forth. I have been looking forward to taking part in this ever since I first heard about it when I started sewing last June.

My pledge was to wear at least one me made item per day and to make at least four more garments over the course of the month.

So how am I finding it so far?

Very interesting, is the short summary! I have already been focusing on wearing me mades a lot more recently anyway, as I feel so great wearing something I have dreamed up and then created myself.

But making sure I wear something me made every day is making me think even more about my wardrobe and how it fits together. I have also been trying to wear some of the items I made at the beginning, which I haven’t always worn very much. I want to see what I like / don’t like about them, what I know now about how I can improve the fit (both with my improving skills and also given the intervening 10kg weight loss). I have been assessing whether I like the item enough to try to alter it, or remake the pattern in a different size.

And it has all been really enjoyable. A contemplative, reflective process. I can also spot a couple of gaps that I would like to fill, like a navy short skirt to replace a RTW one that is a huge workhorse in my wardrobe but starting to look a bit old.

Here are the photos (rough and ready!) I have quickly snapped so far, to record exactly what me mades I have been wearing and what I’ve worn them with:

On the making front, I have also made the following so far:

(I’ve posted about the first one already and will add posts about the last two when I get a chance.)

The other interesting thing I’ve found is that the challenge has pushed me into addressing my ‘unfinished /unworn’ pile. Like finishing my Rosa shirt dress that has been sitting nearly finished (just needing the buttons and hemming) for months! I finally felt incentivised to do this and now really like the end result! I took it in at the sides a bit as it was too big in parts now. The bust is still a tad big but there is no way I am unpicking and redoing all those faux flat fell princess seams! 🤣

I also tried on the Bettine dress that I made and never wore as it was too tight. It now fits nicely and I was inspired to unpick and resew the lower side seams and hem in that area to adjust the way it hung, as it was a bit pinched from how I’d sewn it in my early sewing days. It is great to now have this as another dress to wear. And it turns out it goes perfectly with my new sandals. Bonus! It isn’t really the best / most flattering style on me I suppose, but for an easy, throw on dress for home working days etc, it will do nicely.

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