Sashaying in my Sasha trousers

Ahem. Sorry for that terrible pun. If it even counts as a pun.

But anyway, I’ve made a pair of Sasha trousers from Closet Case patterns:

Sasha trousers from Closet Case Patterns

(Ha! Edited to point out the above photo isn’t me 🤣 it is the photo from the Closet Case site)

And what an awesome pattern it is. These have been on my burgeoning ‘to make’ list ever since I finished my Ginger jeans (blog post for those here: Ginger jeans blog post )

I loved the fit of the Gingers and read somewhere that the Sasha trousers are based on the same block. I have been wanting to sew a pair of smarter, tailored looking trousers for a while and was tossing up between the Sasha pattern and the Sew Over It Ultimate trousers. My love of the Gingers plus Heather Lou’s amazing instructions swung me towards the Sasha pattern and I’m so glad about that decision.

Said instructions were so good that I found the construction process to be pretty smooth sailing. I’m getting a bit more confident with a fly installation, although I still have to follow the instructions in careful, minute detail!

I omitted the rear welt pockets as this is my wearable toile pair so I didn’t want to spend all that extra time on those until I have the fit worked out. I also left out the belt loops, more or less for the same reason.

I basted the inner leg and side seams together as Heather Lou recommends, to check the fit. I ended up reducing the seam allowance to 1cm at the waist and high hip, staying at 1.5cm to the bottom of the front pockets and then increasing to over 2.5cm on the inner and outer leg seams. Next time I think I will grade down one or possibly even two sizes down for the legs.

I did a 1/2″ sway back adjustment to the pattern from the outset as I was sure I would need that. I’m really happy with the fit at the back so that was clearly the right thing to do.

The fabric is a medium weight stretch piqué that I’m pretty sure I got on sale from Minerva Crafts. It is a rather vibrant candy pink but I thought sod it, I can pull this off as a pair of summer trousers. Worn with a lot of navy 😂. And as it turns out I really like their brightness. It’s good to push myself out of my comfort zone from time to time.

Now for photo overload:

Oh, I’ve just remembered that I followed the suggestion to sew twill tape into the sloping edge of the front pocket, but the slight bulk of the tape I used meant when I was turning over the pocket and intending to roll it so the seam was just slightly to the inside, it didn’t want to roll smoothly and was going to be bulky. I noticed though that if I left the seam showing on / rolled to the right side, the presence of the twill tape edge underneath actually made it look a bit like flat piping, nicely highlighting the pocket edge. So I went with that! Slight mistake transformed into a ‘design detail’. I love the way sewing lets you come up with (get away with) things like that 😄

Looking at the photos of my rear (oh what fun) I think I may need to scoop the back crotch a little to do a low rear adjustment, plus adjust the thigh seam somehow. There is a little bit of baggyness at the front crotch / lower tum area, so I have already adjusted the pattern with a 3/8″ overlap at the front rise seam (on the ‘shorten / lengthen here’ line), ready for the next pair I’m planning to sew. I already have a gorgeous China / smoky blue stretch cotton drill from Sew Me Sunshine which is the most amazing online fabric store by the way, good grief the money I could spend there! Ok, that I may already have spent there…

So there we go, I heartily commend this super pattern to you!

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