My hunt for the perfect casual skirt

When I started sewing in the summer of 2017, skirts were some of the first things I made. I started with the Dominique from Tilly and the Buttons, as a beginner pattern and part of Tilly’s online courses that I took to learn to sew. I was a bit larger then and knew that my figure was not best suited to elastic waisted skirts (it still isn’t!). But in the spirit of learning, I made this one: (terrible pattern matching / placement!)

I then discovered the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch, (you guessed it, also a Tilly pattern!) and really liked this pattern, making several. My favourite is this one:

But having lost a reasonable bit of weight since, they no longer fit well. Again, with my figure I need things to be fitted around my waist or I look a lot bigger than I actually am. Plus I like the more fitted look (I’m a ‘classic romantic’ for anyone else who has done the House of Colour style day thing). I’m also now not sure if the exaggerated A line of that pattern really works for me, or at least I know I don’t just want another four Delphines in smaller sizes. Maybe just one though…

So the challenge became to find another skirt pattern (or two, or three…) which meets the following criteria:

▪️ Doesn’t look like a skirt I’d wear to work (I love tailored / smart pencil skirts but I’m looking for something more casual)

▪️ Isn’t too dressy or vintage looking (e.g. not a circle skirt)

▪️ Nothing that makes my stomach or hips look bigger than they are (gathering and box pleats tend to do this although might work in the right proportions)

▪️ Nothing boxy, baggy or with an elastic waist (see above!)

I started hunting through the pattern reviews on the Foldline, Pattern Review and on loads of blogs. I also looked online at patterns from all sorts of pattern companies that I have come across over the last year.

It was one of those searches where you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, but you’ll know it when you see it!

As the search went on (and on) I started narrowing things down to two looks: a) a denim sort of mini-ish skirt, possibly with a button or zip front, possibly slight A line but if so not too much; and b) a skirt with a yoke to keep things fitted around my waist down to high or low hip and then flaring out a bit more below that.

For the category a), I pulled together the following shortlist:

🔹 The Tillery skirt from Blank Slate Patterns – Tillery skirt

🔹 The Mindi skirt from Style Arc – Mindi skirt

🔹 The Goldie skirt also from Style Arc – Goldie skirt

🔹 Extra sharp pencil skirt from Liesl & Co – Pencil skirt (I know I said no pencil skirts but this one from Sew Country Chick in denim made me rethink that rule! Contrary, moi?! Denim version)

🔹 The Danube jean skirt from Itch to Stitch – Danube skirt (I am not sure about this as while I love the skirt, I know from previous RTW skirts that a zip front on skirts can bulge out a bit over my stomach in a not terribly flattering way)

🔹 The Lindy Petal skirt also from Itch to Stitch – Lindy skirt (which has the extra advantage of being free!)

🔹 Haute Skinny skirt from Wardrobe by Me – Haute skirt (also a pencil skirt those eagle eyed amongst you will note! But I could perhaps use a ponte or scuba, omit the zip and use a more casual looking fabric / print…)

For category b) I found:

🔹 Burda pleated mini skirt 08/2017 – Burda mini skirt

🔹 Butterick 4686 (view D) – B4686 (possibly still a bit more dressy / work looking although that could depend on what fabric I choose – it looks great on blogger Kiku Corner)

🔹 McCall’s 7725 – M7725 (I would level off the yoke seam and hem so they are horizontal rather than diagonal. Again I’m not sure I would have thought of using this pattern without seeing this version on Pattern Review)

🔹 The Crescent skirt from Sewaholic – Crescent skirt (I’m not sure how this would work with my hips but in theory it ought too as Sewaholic designs for pear shapes, which also does the trick for hourglasses too when it is a skirt / trouser pattern)

🔹 The Yasmin yoke skirt from Maria Denmark – Yasmin skirt

And then a couple of wild cards!

🔹 The Sasha skirt from Friday Pattern Company – Sasha skirt

🔹 The Marie wrap skirt from Rosy Peña – Marie skirt (which is free if you sign up to Rosy’s newsletter)

🔹 The Jupe longue Ivy from Dessine moi un patron – Ivy (years ago I had a gorgeous dark green silky skirt from Monsoon that I loved and this pattern reminds me of it hugely! #Nostalgiamoments…)

Oh the happy times I could have sewing my way through that list! Not exactly time or cost efficient though!

Hence for now my plan is to sew:

🔸 The Mindi from Style Arc in a gorgeous denim I got from Sew Me Sunshine – Electric blue stretch denim and if it goes well / suits me I will also make it in this coated denim – Purple coated denim

🔸 The Lindy petal skirt from Itch to Stitch in a navy ponte, also from Sew Me Sunshine (such a dangerous shop for my bank balance!) – Navy ponte

🔸 The Yasmin yoke shirt from Maria Denmark in I’m not quite sure what yet.

🔸 The Jupe Longue Ivy might have to sneak in there too…

In fact (spoiler alert) I’ve already sewn one of these four, just finishing it today. But as this (rather wordy and very short on pictures) post has already raged out of control somewhat, I’ll do a separate post about that, very soon. Does that countas a cliff-hanger?!

3 thoughts on “My hunt for the perfect casual skirt

  1. I can highly recommend the Yasmin yoke skirt. I have made at least 5 each in a very different fabric and love them. Good choice!
    I am now going to look at your links to see if any of your other finds inspire me to try a new pattern!


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