A summer dress

I’ve become a bit of a sewing magazine junkie. I have a subscription to three of them at the moment (Love Sewing, Sew and Threads) and from time to time one of the other titles ends up jumping into my shopping basket too. No idea how that happens.

The patterns that come free with the magazines aren’t always my style, but sometimes it’s good to go outside your comfort zone, or they become tests of how I can hack them to better suit the looks I like. Plus it is just indulgent fun to sit with a magazine and a cup of coffee in a spare moment.

Anyway, guilty pleasure confessions aside, I’ve just finished making the pattern that came with the last issue of Love Sewing (McCalls 7543).

I made view D but I did an FBA to add bust darts for fit and shaping reasons, used the straps from view A (for bra strap coverage!) and shortened it by a few inches.

(Please excuse the threads on the carpet, I need to hoover it after finishing sewing for the day!)

I also added the waist ties as designs like this tend to look too boxy or even nightdress-like on me without some shaping and definition at the waist. I just cut two long lengths from the remaining fabric and sewed them up in the same manner as the shoulder straps. They ended up pretty long so I may cut them down a bit, although I like the way I can wrap them all the way round so they may stay as is!

This photo shows what it would look like without the ties:

I had to underline it with cotton voile as the fabric was a bit see through. It has given it a more structured look which I like in the skirt section and think I can just about get away with in the bodice, as I think it is just shy of the ‘too stiff’ category. I used this magic stuff to keep the two pieces of fabric together whilst sewing them up as one:

I’m very happy with how it’s turned out and I’m now tempted to try the view A top with the flutter sleeves as I think that would be nice with jeans or a denim skirt etc. I would still add the ties but probably shorter ones for a top version. I have a nice blue and red fine striped fabric in my stash that is beautifully soft and drapey, but again a bit sheer so I might need to self line it. Hopefully that would still preserve the drape and not make it too firm.

All in all a very handy dress for summer (looking glumly at the greyness outside…).

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