Ten free sewing patterns I’m keen to try

I have added quite a few (ahem, possibly ‘few’ is not the right word…) patterns to my stash since I started sewing last summer. I’m gradually making my way through them, although there are undoubtedly ones I won’t ever make, including some that came free with sewing magazines but just aren’t my kind of look. And then there is the random dog jacket pattern that came with one magazine….

But sometimes I can get a bit carried away with the excitement of buying a new pattern and need to reign myself in a tad.

So when I come across a free pattern that is my kind of style, it is such a bonus! A guilt-free way to get hold of a new and exciting pattern to try out. Plus it is a great way to try the patterns from a new (to me) pattern company, to see how I get on with their fit, style, instructions etc.

I thought I would share my list of ten that I am making my way through gradually.

By the way, I am using the word ‘free’ to mean I also didn’t have to pay for an item with which the pattern then comes free. E.g. I’m not including patterns that come with sewing magazines (dog jackets or otherwise) as you have to pay for the magazine. Equally I’m not including the free pdf pattern you can get when you buy a Style Arc pattern from their website, as again you have to pay for the first pattern. (But how much do I love Style Arc for this freebie system?!)

So here we go

1. Danmark top from How to do Fashion.

You need to sign up to the newsletter and then you get this fantastic pattern free. For the first five days after you have received it you also get a daily email with how to hack the top in different ways, including adding frill sleeves, a cowl neck and adding it to a skirt pattern to make a dress.

This is the free pattern that just keeps on giving. Plus you can make version 1 (and probably v2 I would guess) with less than a metre of 150cm wide fabric.

It is a beautiful top, wonderfully sculpted with fisheye darts at the back and front plus bust darts, a lovely boat neckline and no closures! I would say it needs a drapey fabric to skim the body nicely. It worked really well in the viscose material I used. It has facings for the neck and also the armholes, but you could choose to use bias binding instead, or for the grown on sleeves I think you could probably hem them similarly to the Anna sleeves from By Hand London.

I highly recommend this pattern and have already made a second one of the standard version (tweaking my full bust adjustment a bit from the version in the photos), plus I have plans to make a cowl neck version and one with the frill / ruffle sleeves.

2. Flouncy Bouncy Skirt from Sew So Easy

This is such a fun and quick sew, made from jersey fabric and using elastic for the waist, but without creating a gathered style of elastic waist (these really don’t suit me).

It has only two pieces and doesn’t take much time at all to cut and stick the pdf. Or to cut the fabric for that matter! You get a nice flat, flush waistline and a floaty skirt. What more could you ask for?!

I added a little length at the back, grading to nothing at the side as a bit of a cheat’s full bottom adjustment. Seeing as how my rear does actually stick out more than my stomach!

3. The Acacia pants from Megan Nielsen

As with the Danmark top, you need to sign up to Megan’s newsletter to then get this free pattern (the link to do this is just below the pattern pictures and quantity box at the above link). And you also get further free patterns, including the Veronica skirt which looks great and will no doubt get printed and made up at some point too.

I have the PDF all cut out ready to go for these and have high hopes that I won’t be needing to buy RTW pants in future!

4. Mandy boat tee from Tessuti

This is a loose fitting bodice / slim fitting armed tee shirt that comes as a one size fits all pattern . I assume this means it may not actually fit all as drafted but should get there with a bit of size grading. It will also fit with different amounts of ease depending on your own size and shape.

This looks like a lovely pattern and great for making some wardrobe workhorses to go with jeans and pencil skirts etc. I have some grey and mauve / lilac stripey viscose from the Fabric Store lined up ready for making this one.

5. Slim Dolman top from Hallå Patterns

This pattern (plus several others) comes free if you join Hallå’s Facebook page (Link here)

There are lots of options for sleeve lengths, cuff and lots of colour blocking opportunities.

It has the same piece for front and back bodice, but as I am most certainly not the same in the front and back (understatement!) I plan to trace off a second copy of the front / back pattern piece) and do an FBA for this piece to make it solely for the front and then kept the original piece to use as the back.

Hallå also has a free dress (again through signing up to their Facebook page) called the Agnes.

6. Jessica dress from Mimi G

This is free when you sign up to the email list and can I just say I absolutely love the style of this dress. However, I haven’t made it myself yet as it has a lot of similarities to the Nina Lee Kew dress, which I adore and have made two of already.

As I usually need to make fairly time consuming full bust (and sway back, armhole position, sometimes forward shoulder…) adjustments to any pattern involving a bodice, once I’ve got a well fitting pattern working for me, I don’t tend to want to go through the same lengthy process again for a pattern which is reasonably similar. (Hence why I wasn’t going to be getting the Tilly and the Buttons Seren dress or the Closet Case Fiona dress, much as I love these two pattern houses and would normally be all over these two releases. And then the Seren pattern fell into my basket during Tilly’s sale…)

So whilst I can’t yet speak for this dress personally, if you like the look of it I would absolutely give it a try! Mimi G does a sew along for it as well, also at the above link.

7. Kimono tee from Maria Denmark

This is free when you sign up to the newsletter. I have actually printed this out but haven’t yet stuck the pdf together. I’m sure I will make this up at some point though as it looks like a really useful top to be a staple wardrobe piece.

I have made one other pattern from Maria Denmark so far (the yoke skirt) and have had the Karen Drape dress pattern printed at the online copy shop I use (Print Your Pattern) ready to sew up in the Autumn.

8. Marie wrap skirt from Rosy Peña patterns

I am absolutely going to make this one just as soon as I can get it to the top of my sewing queue! It looks all wafty and beautiful and is free if you sign up to the newsletter (the button to do this is below the pattern photos and quantity box in the link).

And finally, Itch to Stitch has three Free patterns, two of which look my style:

9. Top of my list is the Lindy petal skirt which looks to be a great wardrobe staple and quick to construct, being jersey.

10. They also have the Uvita top, which I suspect I’ll give a go at some point!

Anyway, I hope some of these catch your eye. If you give them a go let me know how they turn out and please do post below with any other great free patterns that you have come across – the more guilt-free, free patterns the better!

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