A new release from Pattern Scout and another giveaway!

No this isn’t a glitch in the Matrix. My last post was also about a new Pattern Scout release and giveaway – and so is this one. Just keeping you on your toes 😁

When Casey sent around another email shout out for pattern testers I replied immediately, for all the same reasons as I mentioned in my last post.

And this one is another corker. The Comfi Lounge Tee and Pants Set gives real bang for its buck, with both the top and bottoms included in the one pattern.

Each comes with options for short or long sleeves / legs (as applicable) and there is a scoop neck or crew neck version for the top, meaning you could get a whole variety of wardrobe essentials from this one pattern. It could be anything from a pj set, home lounge wear, staple tee, yoga type pants, even slightly smarter work type trousers, if made from a suitable stretch fabric such a ponte roma.

The pattern is designed for stretch knit / jersey fabric, with light to medium weight recommended for the top (I used a lightweight viscose jersey) and more of a medium weight for the bottoms (I used cotton lycra), although you could still use lightweight for the bottoms if you want a light, drapey, flowy pair. Sweatshirt and french terry are also suggested fabrics for the bottoms.

And glory be, the top comes with cup sizing. It has a lovely fitted, shaped design and with the addition of the cup sizing it means you really can achieve that holy grail, the perfect fitted tee shirt. It isn’t skin tight round the middle, just nicely skimming as you can hopefully see from the photos on the pattern and my own ones (insert usual apology here for the less than professional skill level of my own photos…).

However, if you wanted the tee shirt a little looser it would be straight forward to size up a little, especially with the benefit of Pattern Scout’s size range of 0 – 30.

The body measurements and finished measurements chart that Casey provides for all her pattens means I can always work out what sizes I need to blend between, in order to get the right fit for my shape and aesthetic preferences. I can’t tell you how much I love this, especially in comparison to Big 4 patterns.

Turning to the bottoms, I went for the shorts version as I would really like to perfect an easy, breezy, comfy but stylish shorts pattern for the summer.

This one certainly ticks all those boxes. I made some fairly standard (for me) adjustments to the pattern based on my own rise measurements compared to the measurements I took from the flat pattern, which resulted in a pretty decent fit on my first go at these.

The length of the shorts here is as per the pattern markings, no shortening involved. For reference I am 5’5” and the drafting height for Pattern Scout Patterns is 5’9”.

The pockets are an excellent shape and size. The construction is satisfyingly neat, with no separate waistband – instead you attach the elastic to the top of the shorts waistline, fold over and top stitch down with a stretch stitch, catching the top edge of the pockets as you do so, making everything nicely enclosed and secured in place.

You can easily make this pattern on a standard sewing machine, so long as you have a zig zag or other stretch stitch. No serger / over locker required, although you can use one for a lot of the sewing if you have access to one.

All in all, this is another Pattern Scout pattern that I highly commend to you. The tee shirt will now be my go-to, gold star, perfect tee shirt to be used forever after. I have never had such a wonderfully fitting tee shirt before, with just the right fit and ease over my shoulders, bust, waist and hips.

In my next version I will come in just 1 cm at the shoulders but that is the only change I feel I will need to make.

So, to the giveaway. Casey has kindly given each of her testers a PDF copy of the pattern to giveaway. If you would like to win my copy, please leave a comment below. I will draw a random winner next weekend (18 April 2021). Please keep an eye on this post if you enter, as I will add a further post after the 18th to announce the winner and ask them to email me so I can send the link for the free pattern.

Disclaimer bitI was given a copy of the pattern and a contribution of US$45 for the materials etc used in the pattern test, as well as the free copy I am giving away here. I was under no obligation to write this blog post and the views here are very much my own. I do not have an affiliate link with Pattern Scout and was not paid to write this post.

4 thoughts on “A new release from Pattern Scout and another giveaway!

  1. Janet Beitz

    This looks lovely! And it appears to be a fairly straight-forward pattern. I like to have a large variety of t-shirts to wear in the spring and summer. And I especially like the shorts, as I long ago gave up on fly-front ones. I would love to give this pattern a go.


    1. Hello Janet, congratulations, you are the winner of this giveaway!

      Please can you email me at tailoredbykate@yahoo.com to let me know your email address, so I can then email you the link to the pattern. However, as there were only two entries, I would like to give each of you a prize as I happen to have a paper copy of the Nina Lee Camden Dress and Skirt pattern to give away too. As you are the winner I would like to give you first choice of whether you would like the Comfi Set pdf pattern or the hard copy Camden Dress pattern instead. Please can you let me know in your email which pattern you would prefer and if it is the Nina Lee pattern please can you let me know what postal address to send it to. I will then give the remaining pattern to Helen. I hope that makes sense!

      I look forward to hearing from you 😊


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